“Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” was established in 1984 in Athens. The object of the company was to provide investment consulting to small and medium scale companies and designing of economic studies in order to get financing via the Greek Development Laws.

In 1989 “Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” activated also at the Kozani Prefecture, Greece and cooperated with Kozani Development Company (ANKO S.A.) designing Local Development Programmes, providing consultation to municipalities, guiding municipalities to establish and organize municipal companies as well as E.U. Programme Management, participating in studies for the establishment and organization of Industrial Parks and participating in market researches.

Since 1992 “Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” cooperated to E.U. programme management and large-scale project management; designed a variety of economic studies for funding from the Development Laws and acquisitions of businesses; ensured funding for businesses and infrastructure projects from E.U. programs and managed their implementation.

“Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” designed economic studies on behalf of the public sector, cooperating with engineer companies of various disciplines. “Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” cooperates with great number of companies and multinational joint ventures for the provision of consultancy, studies, large-scale project and programme management and their appraisal financed by the E.U. Structural Funds and funds derived from Greece and abroad.

“Ã.Ã. Consulting Economists” executives have high-standard scientific grounding and remarkable experience in materializing projects of economic nature and providing consultancy services for the private and public sector. The company is a specialized and effective partner for engineer companies, entities of the public and broader public sector as well as industries, commercial and tourist companies.