Quality Assurance

“Georgios Giannelis – Consulting Economists” is putting great emphasis on quality assurance issues.  Company’s objective and major commitment is to offer services to its clients, that fully meet their demands and, where possible, their expectations, to comply with Greek and European legislation and achieve the established quality goals.

The constant investment on leading-edge technology and equipment, the ongoing updating and training of personnel on theoretical and practical scientific issues as well as the development of original models for study analysis and programme monitoring are some of the methods used to guarantee high standards of work.

In order to serve this objective better, “Georgios Giannelis – Consulting Economists” has established and applies a quality system, implemented on the company and all its activities: economic studies, economic project management and monitoring of investment programmes for private and public sector as well as accounting services.  The Quality Management System intends to have a positive effect on the quality of services provided as well as on the customer satisfaction, while its main objective is the perpetual improvement.