Permanent Executives and Collaborations:

Georgios Giannelis
Business administration graduate from the University of Makedonia (Α.Β.Σ.Θ.).
Professional qualification degrees from the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works, Hellas, for Economic Studies (category 03) of 3rd class and for Organizational Development Studies and Operations Research (category 05) of 3rd class.  Accounting License: Rank Α.
His professional experience includes: Project management consultancy for E.U. programmes and large scale projects financed by the Structural Funds (C.S.F.) of the European Union and the Cohesion Fund; development studies and organization studies for municipal enterprises; organizational studies for Industrial Parks and municipal property management; investment appraisal and financial assistance from Development Laws and E.U. Programmes; market research and operations research; Feasibility - Viability studies (Cost - Benefit analysis) for large-scale projects, roads, airports as well as water supply and sanitation projects.

Georgia Manolopoulou
Graduate of Economics (MSc), Scottish Doctoral Programme, University of Glasgow
Her experience includes: executive at the central economics department of a large private group of education companies; participation in economic studies (mainly feasibility and viability studies) for private companies and other entities; participation in E.U. programme and project management as well as economic studies (cost-benefit studies, risk analysis) and market research; instructor of Economics. Quality manager.

Naoum Maria

Graduate of Athens University of Economics and Business – Accounting Department. Accounting License: Rank B

Her entire working experience concerns the provision of accounting services to several businesses of various categories either as economics department executive or as member of accounting services firm.

In the past and according to the projects’ demands the following scientists have cooperated:

Anastasios Sidiropoulos
Graduate of Economics from the Law School of Aristotelion University of Thessalonike. Executive of ANKO S.A. (West Macedonia Development Company) with great experience on studies concerning large-scale projects (District heating of the city of Ptolemais and the city of Kozani, City planning of Kozani, etc) and on Local Development Programmes as project manager.
His experience also includes: participation in the implementation of E.U. Programmes and designing of Business Plans for the establishment and development of management entities as well as realization of E.U. Programmes (LEADER II, INTERREG); participation to a large number of investment studies for business and municipalities.  He has been manager at the Office for Industrial Change of Kozani Perfecture and consultant for the Municipality of Ptolemais. Seminar instructor.

Konstantinos Boussoulas
Graduate of Mathematics from the University of Athens, specialized in Operations Research and Data Statistical Analysis at the University of Liverpool (MSc). Thesis on data analysis methods automation at the field of Data Mining (Mphil) at the University of Strathclyde.
His experience includes: executive of large mass media private companies (press, television) on market research, distribution networking, data quantitative analysis; involved on behalf of a big multinational food group of companies with OLAP applications and ABC management systems; participated to a large number of economic studies for large-scale projects specializing on the implementation of sensitivity analysis methods and investment risk analysis models; instructor of seminars for executives on the use of data analysis software in MS-Windows environment. IT manager.